Flea and Tick Control – Natural Options

Flea and Tick Control – Natural Options

Many pet owners become confused when it comes to the various methods of flea and tick control. Many pet owners become uncomfortable at the thought of toxic pesticides that are used in conventional flea and tick prevention methods. The good news is that we live in a time that natural options are available. At times, you may need to use a little elbow grease to create it, but if properly made, they can be just as effective, and for the most part safer, than chemically made options. Do you know what options are available to your pet?

Natural Remedies that Go on Your Pet

  • Spot based and squeeze on flea treatments are available in topical, natural forms. Most of them are made from essential oils that have a strong smell. These essential oils repel fleas and ticks. The most popular and effective oils are cedar, peppermint, and pennyroyal. When combined properly, they create a potent tick killer and flea repellent.
  • Natural spray based flea and tick repellent can be created making the same oils as mentioned above.
  • There are many flea and tick powders composed of all-natural ingredients. These powders work mechanically, without a chemical base to kill fleas and ticks. As these powders dry up, they draw moisture out of the body of fleas and ticks. Because of the way these powders work, fleas and ticks cannot become immune to mechanical methods, unlike the resistance they can build up to chemical methods.
  • Your pet will not complain about a daily combing. Using a fine-toothed flea removal comb, gently comb your dog, dipping the comb into vinegar to remove fleas and their eggs from the comb. Keep a zip top plastic baggie nearby with a white piece of paper towel in it. After you have finished combing your pet, immediately place the comb in the baggie. Look for pests to show up against the white paper. If you do see one, pop it through the plastic bag to prevent any from escaping.
  • Flea collars made of herb-based ingredients can be worn on a regular basis. Make sure to replace them often so that your pet does not attract pests.
  • Bathe your dog on a regular basis with a shampoo that provides a rich lather. Once you lather the soap well, let it sit on their fur for a while. Add a small amount of citrus based essential oil to the bath water.

Treating Your Home and Yard

All too often pet owners find that treating their pet only goes so far. If you do not treat your home and your yard, you will find yourself fighting a losing battle. If you are looking for a way to treat your home and yard, here are some amazing, natural options.

  • Vacuum your home on a daily basis to whisk away fleas and their eggs. Do not focus only on the carpeted areas and upholstery, hardwood is a common home for flea eggs. To ensure that the fleas do not multiply inside your vacuum, suck a few mothballs, or some powdered Borax into the vacuum. This will kill them before they can escape.
  • Diatomaceous earth, also known as diatom earth, is a 100% natural insect killer. It dries out pests, prevents them from reproducing, and kills them. Apply this dust to the lawn liberally, and apply a thin line around your home. Make sure to wear a dust mask while you are using it. If you notice a problem around your pet’s bedding, you can sprinkle it around that area too.
  • Borax powder is sold in the laundry isle of almost every store. If sprinkled liberally on furniture and carpets, and then vacuumed up after it has been allowed to sit for a while, it will kill the fleas living in these items.